Thursday, February 9, 2012

Painting Bolinas

Celebrate the life and artwork of Peter Lee Brownlee with this special screening of Painting Bolinas on Saturday, February 11th at 3 p.m. in the Koret Auditorium. The filmmaker, Wendy Elkin, will be present to answer questions about the artist and the four year process of creating the documentary.

A painting of San Francisco

Painting Bolinas is a documentary about a 90 year-old artist, Peter Lee Brownlee whose lifestyle mirrors a king in a court of chaos and imagination. His whimsical and colorful paintings are of urban and rural down-towns and famous landmarks all across America. His court includes an eccentric collection of people who have lost their dreams and found their way to Bolinas, California, an isolated magical village that seems to teeter between the edge of the world and the edge of the Pacific; a haunt not unlike a Steinbeck novel. It serves as the living backdrop for a film about this brilliant artist, the aging process, a woman who wants to save his paintings from ruination and the zany characters that choose to live out their lives with him. For more information please visit

A Bolinas scene

The artist at work

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