Friday, April 4, 2014

"Art of the Walk" on Pinterest

In conjunction with “Art of the Walk: An Instagram Tour of Art by Women in San Francisco” the Art and Music Center created a Pinterest board showing the 31 photos of public art that were posted in March. Each one of these art works is displayed (in reverse order- the first photos that were posted are at the bottom of the page.) Viewed on a desktop computer these photos show up on the left side of the monitor, while a map displays in the remaining area on the right. Clicking on one of the markers on the map will locate the work on the left side by highlighting it in red. If you click on the right side, on one of the photos, you’ll bring up a larger photo with text and a small map underneath.

Here is the link for the Pinterest page:
Art of the Walk

If you're interested in discovering these art sites yourself, there’s a high concentration of "Art of the Walk" art work near the Market St. corridor. One possible itinerary could start in the Civic Center, at 8th St., 100 yards south of Market. You’ll see the mural created by Lady Mags and Amanda Lynn. Cross Market at Hyde and Grove Streets to enter the Main Library where you’ll find a work by Ann Chamberlain and Ann Hamilton covering the southeast walls of floors 3-5. Here are 50,000 library catalog cards annotated by volunteers. In City Hall there are 2 works by women available to view.  A bust of Angelo Rossi by Ruth Wakefield Cravath sits in an alcove, near the west entrance. Near the south side is one of the heart sculptures benefiting General Hospital. This heart, created by Deborah Oropallo, is entitled “LOVE + MARRIAGE,” and celebrates marriage equality by listing first names of many of the gay couples who wed in 2004.

"LOVE + MARRIAGE" by Deborah Oropallo

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