Wednesday, February 10, 2010

San Francisco Theatre Research (pt. 2)

The front cover of San Francisco Theatre Research, vol. 1, Introduction to the Series

One of our most valued reference resources is now available online. with the San Francisco History Center have collaborated to scan the most of the volumes of the San Francisco Theatre Research series created by the Works Progress Administration between 1938 and 1942.

Here is a listing of the volumes scanned to date:

Volume 1 - Introduction To The Series: Stephen C. Massett, singer, writer, showman; Joseph A. Rowe, pioneer circus manager

Volume 2 - Tom Maguire; Dr. David G. (Yankee) Robinson; M.B. Leavitt

Volume 3 - The Starks; The Bakers; The Chapmans

Volume 4 - Junius Brutus Booth, the elder; Junius Brutus Booth, the younger; Edwin Booth

Volume 5 - Lola Montez; Adah Isaacs Menken; Mrs. Judah

Volume 6 - Lotta Crabtree; John McCullough

Volume 9 - The French Theatre in San Francisco; The German Theatre in San Francisco

Volume 10 - The Italian Theatre in San Francisco

Volume 11 - Edwin Forrest; Catherine Sinclair

Volume 12 - Little Theatres

Volume 13 - Minstrelsy

Volume 14 - A History of Burlesque

Volume 15 - Theatre Buildings, part 1

Volume 16 - Famous Playhouses (vol. 1)

Volume 17 - Famous Playhouses (vol. 2)

Volume 20 - James O'Neill

To date, the scanned series lacks volumes 7 and 8, the two volume History of Opera in San Francisco. The Art, Music & Recreation Center has a complete set of the series shelved in our reference room at the call number: 792.079 Un3.

From March 22 through May 31, 2008, our department participated in a Library-wide exhibit for the 75th Anniversary of the New Deal. Our portion of the exhibit largely history and contributions of the Works Project Administration to the arts in San Francisco. The August 11, 2008 entry of our blog discussed the San Francisco Theatre Research series.

The back inside cover of San Francisco Theatre Research, vol. 20, James O'Neill

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