Friday, May 31, 2013

Sailing the Bay with Dave Scott

In conjunction with San Francisco Public Library's Summer Reading Program theme, Year of the Bay, the Art and Music Center is presenting "Sailing the Bay with Dave Scott." Dave is the School Director of Club Nautique, a Sailing and Powerboating School located in Alameda and Sausalito.  Topics will include the infamous Slot, the Bay's microclimates, sailing outside the Golden Gate and much more. The PowerPoint talk is Tuesday, June 4th at 6pm in the Latino Hispanic Meeting Room.

If the lecture piques your interest, the Library owns many books under the general subject heading: sailing.

There is one book in the collection about sailing the San Francisco Bay:
Sailing the Bay by Kimball Livingston
797.12  L762s

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June Crafternoon – Origami for Spring

Event detail
Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. "Ori" means to fold and "kami" means paper. Origami is the creation of paper forms made entirely by folding without glue or other adhesives. Animals, birds, fish, geometric shapes, puppets, toys and masks are among the most common models.

Join us this Saturday, June 1st for the last program in the Crafternoon series. Origami artist, Shinta Arifin, will be here to teach paper folding enthusiasts of every level how to make spring flowers such as lilies and tulips as well as birds, little boxes, and other colorful favorites.

No experience is needed and paper will be provided. Please contact the Art, Music, and Recreation Department to sign up at 415-557-4521 or register in person as space is limited.

Saturday, June 1st 2-3:30 pm
Sycip Conference Room, Main Library, 4th floor

Monday, May 20, 2013

We Love Vinyl!

Did you know that the Art, Music and Recreation Department has vinyl records that you can check out? While these recordings are commonly called LPs -- standing for Long Playing records - at the Library these labelled PD for "Phono Disc." They are located on Aisle 52 on the Fourth Floor of the Main Library

PD Collection FAQs

1. When did the Library stop ordering PD’s? 

We added the last ones in 1990 and stopped ordering them after the 1989 earthquake. We started acquiring CD’s around 1991. The Main Library never ordered music cassettes.

2. How many do we have in the collection? 

We currently have around 5000 PD’s but only about 2200 are in the catalog. This means that you can find a lot of hidden gems if you browse. The call number starts with PD (Phonodisc).

3. Do they circulate? 

Yes, the records in the collection circulate. Due to their size they can't be checked out on self-check machines.  Take them to the Borrowers Service service desk on the 1st floor to borrow them.

4. What genres are represented? 

Folk, classical, world, country, Jazz, rock, pop, punk, early music, Spoken word including poetry and other literature, instructional records, and much more.

5. Are these the only PD’s in the SFPL system? 

The San Francisco History Center also has PD’s but they are for library-use only.

6. Do we have a record player that patrons can use? 

The only record player at the Main is in the S.F. History Room and can only be used by patrons using their reference PD collection. We have no record players to listen to our circulating collection, or for patrons to listen to their own records.

Interesting Trivia:

*Starting in the 1940’s the Library held programs which were “listening” concerts where we played records for the public in the Lurie Room at the Old Main Library.

*In 1969 we had 7000 PDs in the collection and circulated 1000 weekly.

Popular call numbers to browse include:

PD 782 (Opera)
PD 784.5 (Popular music)
PD 785.42 (Jazz)