Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Comparisons of Music Indexes and Databases

Below is a comparison of online databases and print indexes.


Music Index Online -
  • primarily an index, has limited full text, is strictly limited to music as a subject
  • index from the early 1970s, full text from the early 1990s
  • indexes peer-reviewed journals, magazines and trade publications
  • many citations include an abstract
  • uses a controlled subject vocabulary, has an excellent system of filters to refine the search
  • Search can be combined with other Ebsco databases (such as Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, Film & Television Literature Index, Art Full Text, Art Index Retrospective)
A .pdf file detailing the periodicals indexed by the Music Index Online

JStor -
  • primarily full text, covers all subjects
  • index from 1899; often lacks full text for the most recent articles
  • indexes only peer-reviewed journals
  • can search within a periodical
  • lacks a controlled subject vocabulary, advanced and Beta search allow for refinement
  • full text of articles can be found in search engines
A listing of music periodicals indexed in JStor

Print Indexes

Music Index -
  • print index only, from 1949 to 2009
  • citations must be found in our catalog - through online sources, in our Magazine and Newspaper Center or through Interlibrary-loan
  • each volume covers a year
  • uses a controlled subject vocabulary that differs from Music Index online
RILM Abstracts of Music Literature -
  • print index only, from 1967 to 1999
  • includes abstracts
  • extensive international coverage, mostly peer-reviewed articles
  • citations must be found in our catalog, in online sources, in our Magazine and Newspaper Center or through Interlibrary-loan
Bibliographie des Musikschrifttums -
  • print index only, covers 1936-9, 1956-1978
  • in German, mostly peer reviewed articles
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