Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Death of a Music Store - But The Library's Alive and Well

The Art, Music and Recreation Center has long had a close relationship with music stores.  We often suggest stores to our patrons looking for sheet music and scores.  We are likewise happy to have referrals from music stores for musicians looking for out-of-print and hard to find music. 

That's why we are saddened to learn of the closure of The Music Center of San Francisco.  It has long been our neighborhood music store, being located a short distance away in Union Square.

Warren Leong, the proprietor of the Music Center, attributed the demise of sheet music stores to the internet.  In a recent SF Weekly article he noted, "The online presence is too strong. Young people are used to downloading everything."

The author of the article notes, however, that internet for all of its convenience lacks the "human touch."  The Music Center of San Francisco staff had an in-depth knowledge of the musical repertoire and the music trade.  They could help the musician find the right edition or right key.  It also provided a place for musicians to browse and learn about new repertoire.  

We at the Library will continue to provide the human touch and the expertise to help the musicians of the Bay Area.  We have an extensive collection of scores and sheet music that can be perused and borrowed.  We also have an extensive knowledge of the digital resources available on the net.  Additionally we provide access to library collections across the country.  While it would not be proper to promote any business on this blog, we can also refer musicians to the music stores that remain.

Come to visit us at the Fourth Floor of the Main Library, email us, or call us at (415) 557-4525. 

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