Thursday, June 7, 2012

San Francisco Public Library Partners With Global Film Initiative

The Art, Music and Recreation Center of the San Francisco Public Library is pleased to bring International cinema to the library patrons.

Art, Music and Recreation Center is glad to co-sponsor Global Lens Film Series with a local non-profit Global Film Initiative (GFI). The main aim of the series to is to bring to audience films from developing cinemas of the world. The Global Film Initiative was created to promote cross-cultural understanding through the medium of cinema. Under the Global Lens Film Series, San Francisco Public Library will show 10 films, picked by the GFI, with a common goal of promoting cross cultural understanding through cinema. The films to be shown in 2012 are from Albania, Brazil, Rwanda, Iran, Morocco, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia, and Iraq. San Francisco Public Library also supports a deep collection of books about International cinema on the 4th floor and film periodicals on the 5th floor. For those who wish to pursue the subject of developing cinemas around the world the following select bibliography may be of some assistance to the readers. 


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