Monday, November 10, 2008

Final Curtain

Motion picture actors and actresses - Death. That's the rather morbid subject heading that the Library of Congress has assigned to the book Final Curtain: Deaths of Movie and T.V. Personalities, 1915-1992 by Everett G. Jarvis.

The heading nevertheless fits. This book does provide the death dates and causes of death of more than 4,000 deceased movie and television personalities. This information is organized both by year and by name. It also includes a directory of 83 star cemeteries, and a directory of interment locations both by name and by location. And if you are interested there is also a "statistical summary of deaths." (Note: heart attack is the principal killer of the stars).

We keep a copy of this book at our reference desk to answer ready reference questions. There is also a second copy to loan.

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