Thursday, September 30, 2010

Guitar Hero Tournament - Get A Competitive Advantage

During the month of October, Teen Services of the San Francisco Public Library is presenting a Guitar Hero Tournament for our teen patrons at several library branches.

Guitar Hero is a video game where players use a guitar-shaped controller to simulate the various solo, rhythm and bass guitar parts of rock songs. Players try to accurately finger and strum the controller in time with the audio and video from the game. The game scores the player for accuracy.

The library has owns a pair of Guitar Hero songbooks. These collections present the sóng in the "Guitar Recorded Versions" format, meaning that they give note-by-note transcriptions of the songs as they are play on the record. The songbooks present the music in both staff notation and tablature notation. The latter shows the the position of the fingers upon the guitar's fretboard. These versions include all solo and rhythm guitar parts as well as the vocal melody and chord progression.

Practicing with these song books gives the player an opportunity to work through the intricacies of performing each song independent of the game. After woodshedding on the riffs, you'll be well on your way to becoming a guitar hero.

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Guitar hero 3, Legends of Rock: Songbook (Hal Leonard, 2008).

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